What you need to know About the Minimum Wage Debate


Research done by the Bureau of Labor Statistics proved that more than 80 million Americans are minimum wage workers. This shows that over half of the workers are being paid a minimum wage.  It is essential to note that this piece of data, and many other disturbing details, have generated a major debate among numerous people in the country find more info here.  Bear in mind that countless individuals want to know if there will be a salary increase.  The experts need to know if there will be any changes if the salaries are increased click here for more.  Remember that it is an extremely difficult discussion that is  swayed by politics, money matters, and experience.

 Bear in mind that very many people don’t even know how the discussion took shape check it out.  It is crucial to keep in mind that the minimum salary was made known to people in 1938 and it was part of the Fair Labor Standards Act.  Note that in those days, employers were required to pay their workers a minimum of $0.25 per hour, which is $4.28 today read more now. It is unbelievable but a lot of people survived on that amount in those days.  Remember that times do change, and the needs of minimum wage workers have also been changing visit this homepage.  It is essential to note that nowadays, a lot of states pay workers an average rate of $7.25 per hour.  Note that most workers think that it is the high time these laws were changed after being in place for almost a century.

Note that the importance of workers’ wages cannot be exaggerated because the cost of living has gone up at a very high rate.  You ought to note that a huge percentage of people in the USA cannot raise $1000 dollars.  Bear in mind that countless individuals are struggling with life because of medical bills, insurance and also house rent.  It is crucial to keep in mind that very many people go without food because they use the minimum wage to pay their monthly bills. Most waiters in hotels and restaurants normally ear two dollars per hour including the tips.  To make a long story short, that money is not enough to live on, even if you work 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Read more about this here.

 Remember that increasing the country’s minimum wage is not a major problem but there are some factors to consider read more now. One thing is that most businesses will have to fire a big number of their workers.  Keep in mind that a lot of things will become expensive. Learn more from this website.


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